By nature, man is a restless being. I realised the truth of this in my teenage years. At the same time, I began to learn that I am what I am because I choose to be this way, that what I think will happen to me is what will actually happen, that the main obstacle in my life is me, and that reasons are never answers. Later, experience showed me that love is the only thing that makes a person indispensable. Love of an activity, a craft, or for dear ones.

I spent the best part of my childhood in the mountains by the Danube, and then in those around Deva. Here, I discovered that man is born to be free, and that you can never feel real freedom until you are in the middle of nature. I started out alone, then with friends, and later with my family. Nature is positive fuel for the soul.

From my daring clients, I’ve learned that champions never stop. This is the supreme price, and that is why there are so few champions among us… And I have also seen that when you do something with passion, your thoughts will become much clearer…

I love the mountains. So much so that I would be happy for days on wild paths or on snow-white peaks. It’s my hobby. I find myself when I am in the fascinating world of the mountains. I get closer to God and discover answers to complicated questions. The mountains have a gift of uniting people, giving them faith in themselves and in their team.

My dream is probably the same as yours, and is called “freedom in nature”. I haven’t yet arrived where I want to be, but the road towards my destination seems beautiful. We live our lives in a whirlwind. We live our lives with the sword of time over our heads. In this unnatural life style, where the key principle is “speed”, I have the impression that everything is changing faster than I can understand. How can I find my way in the crazy tumult around me? By living with nature. Seeing and feeling the authentic beauty of life. There, God speaks to me about what is important and what isn’t, and I understand things better. In this place, I make space in my mind for quiet, calm and joy. Here, I find strength through faith and focused action, and it is here that my existence is no longer guided by pride or fear…

I want to live a life filled with beautiful things, but even more filled with the feeling that what I am doing is right, and is of use to those around me.

Dan Glazer

0722-925 234


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