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In contrast to the aggressive, toxic, grey environment of the city, the countryside is the place where man can get back to basics, re connecting with the universe and to his inner being. Mountains especially provide a contrast in which human identity is rediscovered and relationships formed. Because of our love of nature and the mountains, we have put our souls into building up a business for enabling people to enjoy such special opportunities. Their needs have driven us to develop an exclusive product, patience and dexterity, and experience in making things to order. Ten years have gone by with anecdotes written or told round the camp fire, of successes big and little, of hopes and joys, obstacles met and overcome, all linked to the brand NAHANNY – MADE IN ROMANIA.

We believe in our product. We participate in outdoor activities ourselves, and not just occasionally. We sell and recommend what you really need; we aren’t only interested in the business of merchandising. We believe that the advice and experience we share is as important as the product itself.

NAHANNY is a complete system of manufacturing and personalised equipment with down for mountain trekking, ascents, climbing at altitude, polar expeditions, survival trips, for hunters, fishermen and photographers. Our clients benefit from our “all inclusive” concept which is behind all our range of articles and necessary accessories made to match, which together make a complete set. Also part of the all inclusive concept is the assistance given in ordering and buying equipment, and also the after sales service. For all this prices are kept at affordable levels as we want to promote these kinds of activities. As we are talking about a specialist niche in the market all our products are made individually to order or in small batches. We cater for people for whom the customised details make a difference.

We take care of distribution and assure our clients a positive shopping experience. We sell directly to individuals, not through a chain. We produce for, and sell to, members of an exclusive “club” – the “mountain family”. We want to take care of our brand in order to be faithful to our clients.

We don’t believe we are necessarily the best example of management but we have developed an efficient system in all stages of production: making patterns, cutting, sewing, quality control, packaging and transporting. We gain clients because we are trustworthy. We have demonstrated that our products and services are good under a brand that is 100% Romanian - a good reputation is kept due results.

As a firm, perhaps the ace in our hand is the more individual treatment of NAHANNY products. Sports people inspire us, support us and are the best example of our work. A brand in the end is a contract of trust and loyalty signed with your client.

Dan Glazer

0722-925 234


Nu doar faptul ca faci pe munte lucruri care-ti plac, ci faptul ca le faci pe cele care trebuie iti asigura protectia.Previziunea este avansul pe care-l poti avea pe munte. Capacitatea de a vedea in perspectiva iti da forta si viteza de reactie. Nahannycamp promoveaza invatarea corecta si de la inceput a deprinderilor necesare practicarii drumetiei montane.Inscrie-te la Scoala de Iarna Nahannycamp 2019 pe nahanny@gmail.com sau la numarul de telefon

0722 925234.

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