Nahanny products are personalized, as we favour the concept of manufacture and sales “in the home” The countryside and mountains are our home. Made to order means, made to measure, for example in the manufacture of a down sleeping bag to suit your measurements and wishes.

What are you here for? You would like to find careful attention to the lines, practical style, beauty in simplicity and details, and all carefully executed and with hand finishing. This is what we provide. You don’t want to compromise on value and you want to invest wisely. For quality without compromise, our prices are unbeatable. A good product at a fair cost is closer to your heart than one that is beautiful but expensive. Experience tells you that a well known brand name isn’t necessary but rather an openness to change.

The attraction of Nahanny is that we aren’t in competition with big brands as we have an altogether different kind of business. They are an industry, we are a family.

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Equipment made with passion, tested by you.


Equipment made with passion, tested by you.

The down

It is the only product that includes all the characteristics a climber or hiker looks for: lightness, excellent insulation, high compressibility and, very importantly, regulates the humidity of the air.

The fiber

As in any field of work, in this area the producers` efforts focus on meeting the needs of the customers. Thus there is a wide range of materials and fabrics, each better than the other. To make the best choice of waterproof material, we focus on the highest quality materials.

The result

The composition of the fabric influences the mass, endurance, and other characteristic of the materials. For the outer part of the bag we use fibers like nylon and for the inner part of the sleeping bag we use polyester and poli-cotton.

Nahanny Camp

Nahannycamp organizes courses of initiation and knowledge in mountain adventure tourism: Winter mountain hiking through safety and satisfaction.

Here you learn the correct planning and preparation mountain tours, equipment, tools, accessories, alpine technique, movement technique, survival techniques, so the mountain guide is YOU! Learn what qualities must acquire knowledge and skills. Learn about orientation, snow and avalanches, ski touring learn, learn what risk management, and adventure versus ignorance and about first aid.

If you want to get on top of a mountain winter, nahannycamp help you succeed. Theoretical courses, school and the practical applications of Tarcu mountains, Mehedinti and cut waiting each year.

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Nu doar faptul ca faci pe munte lucruri care-ti plac, ci faptul ca le faci pe cele care trebuie iti asigura protectia.Previziunea este avansul pe care-l poti avea pe munte. Capacitatea de a vedea in perspectiva iti da forta si viteza de reactie. Nahannycamp promoveaza invatarea corecta si de la inceput a deprinderilor necesare practicarii drumetiei montane.Inscrie-te la Scoala de Iarna Nahannycamp 2019 pe sau la numarul de telefon

0722 925234.

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