Nahanny Hammock’s Cover

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Dimension: 145 x 300cm
Weight: approx. 330g*

*Weight can vary depending on the fiber composition and treatment applied to fabric

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waterproof yes
Lightweight yes
Wind Resistant yes
Hand Made yes

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Dimension: 145 x 300cm
Weight: approx. 330g*

Also named „the tent of the hammock” it is a fabric made of nylon which has loops and hooks on the edge so you can fix with your climbing cord. Its special design allows this cover to be completele stretched after anchoring. In case of wind or strong rain there are two additional fixing loops that you can use. If the weather is nice you can install it even without a cord over your hammock.

When we are hiking outside mountainous regions, or when we don’t have tethering points, we use telescopic poles which we carry with us, regardless of the season. Through a simple exercise and a little skill, it’s not complicated to set up the covering tent (see video).

As with the hammock, we allow our discerning clients to obtain cords according to their wishes. So, cords for fixing the cover are not included in the price. If you want it to be simpler, we can help you (2 lei / metre).

- The cover (with the hammock) is ideal for those who want to have full freedom in nature;
- Using the cover (hammock with cover) is right for those who like handiwork, improvising, making things, getting along in nature, and who have a little imagination;
- The hammock and cover are ideal for the 2-3 person team who go out camping in the “bushes” in the weekend;
- The cover (with hammock) is recommended for long, hard trips, with a hard pace, or in scouting expeditions with the intent of finding a good place to come back to with friends, family, groups;
- Pegs can be borrowed from a tent or purchased, according to preference.

For other details or information, don’t hesitate to contact us at 0722 925 234.

This item is made by Nahanny. Images are for illustration purposes only. Colours and materials may vary from the picture.  Nahanny products are customised. Technical specifications can be adapted to the size and needs of the client.


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Nahanny Hammock’s Cover

Nahanny Hammock’s Cover

Dimension: 145 x 300cm
Weight: approx. 330g*

*Weight can vary depending on the fiber composition and treatment applied to fabric


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